15% Annual Returns To Investors.

What We Do

Identify Opportunity | Financing | Develop | Repeat

Identify Opportunity:
Stormin has established various pipelines of lucrative
projects. The company and its partners are well versed in identifying lucrative opportunities and creating winning solutions where others don’t see possible. Our company seeks to match the investment criteria of our investors with projects that meet their needs and risk tolerance.

Stormin effectively financing projects through equity capital and strong financing relationships with major investment institutions in Canada. The company seeks opportunities that are highly leveraged so as to minimize investors capital investments and maximize potential returns.

Building is what we do best! Once our projects are carefully selected and investment funds secured our team of highly specialized planners and project managers take the projects through the planning phases and through construction with velocity and in such a way as to exceed market expectation.

Once our projects are completed and profits have been returned to
investors, most investors want to participate in another project!