15% Annual Returns To Investors.

The Project Was Too Profitable – 15% Annual Returns to Investors


Stormin Development Corp. Announces the Profitable and Successful Completion of the Sand Cherry Townhouse Development

After taking Sand Cherry (a 39 unit townhouse development) all the way through the planning process another developer has offered us a price we could not refuse.  “We were just too profitable” said Brinn Norman President and CEO of Stormin Development Corp.  The project had generated so much excitement that a bidding war had begun among builders hungry for a profitable project.  Our success starts with a rigorous screening of our projects.   Our selection process is intensive with a focus on providing safety to our investors with significant upside potential.  An active resale market along with multiple defined exit strategies are important consideration to our business model.  While we would have enjoyed building the project start to finish we chose to accept the generous offer from another developer.  By accepting the deal we have effectively removed all risk to our investors and guaranteed them a profitable return.  In fact, investors will be receiving approximately 16.5% annualized return for their term of 1 year and 7 months.  For example, an investor who invested $100,000 at the beginning of this project is now receiving their principal of $100,000 back along with an additional cheque for approximately $29,000.

To learn more about the Sand Cherry project or to get on the waiting list for one of our upcoming projects please visit our website and complete a short profile report so that we can be in touch.

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